Skyros is an island with centuries of history and a significant presence in the course of Greek reality, is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. Embraced by the blue Aegean waters, lush and impressive morphology, is the perfect destination for enjoying holidays and enjoyment.

On this island lived Achilles, the Lycomedes and Neoptolemus, and here Theseus met his end. Over the centuries, all the peoples who passed from Skyros left their mark, where even today through art, traditions, manners and customs of Skyros, is evident the influence of cultures afton.Anikei in Northern Sporades and It is very close to Evia. Skyros coexist in harmony green and blue, creating landscapes and magnificent images omorfias.Opoia time of year visit Skyros, you will surely be enchanted by the variety of colors, which depending on the season dominating the landscape.

From the town or village which is the capital of the island, enchanting villages and beaches, including Pefkos, Atsitsa, Magazia and Molos, many beautiful landscapes and enchanting destinations for your holiday.

Whether you are looking for a destination for calm and relaxing vacation or active holiday and adventure, Skyros has something special for everyone.

Throughout the island there are many Byzantine churches and the monastery of St. George stands proudly over the centuries, perched on the cliff, full of memories and information on Skyros and her life. Also, Skyros is famous for its ceramics, furniture, woodwork and special internal architecture of its houses. The agricultural products of Skyros is fine because the traditional production methods used. Cheese, honey, herbs, fruits and vegetables, and meat, fish and seafood, are the raw materials for Skyrian kitchen..