Skyros Ponies

The local horse breed is a protected species and live on Mount Kohilas in south Skyros, special ecological value (Natura, IBA). The Bantam breed Skyros horse is now one of the rare horse breeds in the world. This is one of the indigenous Greek breeds horses that existed in antiquity in Greece. He managed to survive on the island of Skyros thus taking the name. Today there are 260 local horse breed throughout Greece, of which 187 live in Skyros and is a protected species.

Considered to be a descendant of horses Achilles was with him when he went to Troy. It is connected with the horses of the Grand Alexandroueno some claim to be this breed horses depicted on the frieze of the Parthenon. It is supposed that these horses were brought to the Athinaioiton the 5th BC island century.

During your stay in Skyros you can visit Skyros ponies in controlled breeding center Skyrian Horse located at Domaine Mouries. More information can be found at and to Katsarelis farm – Simpson in