Access to Skyros

Skyros is accessible by boat from the port of Kimi in Evia, helicopter, and airplane from the airport of Athens and Thessaloniki.

Ferry Through Halkida or via Oropou – Eretria

Arrive at the port of Kymis.Ekei will board the ferry boat ” Achilles’ where in 1 hour and 40 minutes you will reach the port of Skyros, Linaria. The services made once daily from the port of Kymi throughout the year, while from the spring and throughout the summer itineraries of two to three times most days. Also, Skyros is connected by ferry to Skopelos, Alonissos and Volos.

Confirm timetables and book your ticket agencies Maritime Company Skyros ( or by phone at:

Agency Kimi 22220-22020 & 22220-22522

Agency Skyros 22220-91790 & 22220-91600

Agency Linaria 22220-93465

Bus Athens 210-8311434

By air

Skyros has an airport located in a military airbase in the Rough area, in the northern part of the island. The Skyros Airport is 17 km. From the town and transfer to and from the airport is by taxi, bus or private / rented vehicle. Flights performed from Athens and Thessaloniki.

With airline AEGEAN AIRLINES flights to and from Athens Airport Eleftherios Venizelos and the SKY EXPRESS and from Thessaloniki Airport Macedonia. The flight from Athens or Thessaloniki is 25 minutes. For flights:

Skyros Tel .: 22220-91600

ATHENS tel .: 801 11 20000

THESSALONIKI Tel. 2810 223 500

Access to Anemonisia apartments in Skyros

The Anemonisia apartments are located in Molos – Spins, just 10 minutes drive from the port of Linaria. Access is easy, either by bus or by private / rented car. If you come by boat, you arrive at the port “Linaria” and follow the main road of the island. At 10 km. Meet roundabout, where you turn right towards the airport – pier. Continuing straight Gyrismata area, you will find accommodations.

If you arrive by plane, you will head south from the airport and 12 km. Follow the road to filming left. Approximately in 1 km. You will find the Anemonisia unit.

We are at your disposal for transporting your luggage and whatever else you need.