Skyros is an island with beautiful beaches, clear waters and tranquil landscapes. The entire island is dotted with seaside villages. The long stretch of golden sand that connects Shops shore, is a classic example of the quality that will meet the beaches of Skyros.

Almost beneath the town, the continuous long beaches at Magazia and Molos in cigars and a little further on filming and Kareflou gather those who want well organized beach with umbrellas, bars and cafes. In the northern part of the island swim at the beaches of Pefkos, Agios Fokas and Atsitsa. The route as there is of the best, and a much of a dirt road crosses the protected pine forest of the island.

Pefkos with its long sandy beach, as evidenced by its name, is surrounded by pine-covered slopes, interspersed by the old marble quarry.

Little Agios Fokas has small pebbles, fallow farmland behind and low shrubby vegetation.

The Atsitsa, the pebbled beach, stands out for the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it. Rich vegetation that reaches the sea, rocks with strange shapes, a small island opposite and the stone pillars, remnants of the railway line was constructed in the early 1900s to transport ore from the mines to the mountain add a beautifully paradoxical element in the landscape. The sandy beach Aspous with Pefkakia to the edge, has a few umbrellas and relatively deserted.

The Kalamitsa is one of the largest and most popular on the island and a favorite destination for wind-surfers, since the grips firmly the north wind.

After Kalamitsa is the sandy and deserted Kolybada and well beyond the Renes beach with big pebbles, ideal for snorkeling, but need 4×4 to reach it. About 12 km. From the village is the beach of St. Peter, with fine pebbles and crystal blue waters and just after the beaches of Kyra Panagia and Kalogria.

The south, barren and rocky piece of Skyros hidden sea caves and deserted islands accessed only by boat and untouched beaches where you arrive with 4×4.

Glyfada has sand and azure waters, while at one end of the gushing fresh water, because of which it got its name. The small boat leaving Linaria will take you to the islet Sarakiniko -diafano blue water and colorful vythos- and the sea caves with emerald waters and stalactites. indeed ushered in the largest of them, the Pentekali. Crystal clear waters, beautiful landscapes, and in many cases with pine trees reaching down to the sea, with sandy beaches and pearly pebbles, will certainly have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the beaches of Skyros during your holiday.