The Faltaits Manos Museum

The Faltaits Manos Museum, founded in 1964 by Manos Faltaits and is one of the first local history and folklore museums in Greece. It is a space that radiates the grandeur of Skyros and Greece, which houses a large number of objects of culture and traditional art of Skyros in the highest proportion, and Greece in general.

The museum apart from the main complex of the manor consists of a set of rooms and additional areas dispersed within the Paliopyrgou grove. At the site of the grove is the stone outdoor theater museum, where cultural events, concerts, theater performances and festivals, museum and local bodies, filling the cultural activity and offer of the museum.

Traditional Art In the halls of the museum collections with large objects of culture and Skyros traditional art, pottery, porcelain, embroidery, weaving, woodwork furniture, household items and decorative, and religious relics, vestments and authentic traditional costumes. Besides the objects of folklore interest and everyday exposed great collection of historical documents relating to the period of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the most important to launch the Greek Revolution. Also in a special area of ​​the museum, exhibited large collection of old and rare books, issued in various European cities by Greek scholars.