Archaeological Museum of Skyros

Arriving in town, next to Brooke Square, you will find the Archaeological Museum of Skyros. Established in 1963 and exposes interesting findings attest to the long history of the island.

In the two halls of the museum diverse archaeological findings discovered in different regions of Skyros, dating from the Early Helladic period (2800 – 1900 BC) to the Roman period (1st century BC). In the museum’s exhibits include the excellent collection of ceramics that were discovered in the town and Mooring line, which is the EH period (2800 – 1900 AD).

The collection of ceramics of the Mycenaean period (1600 – 1100 AD) which were discovered in various parts of the island. Of particular interest are two vases of this period with board representation in a fish and play another. Recent excavations on the island brought to light archaeological finds of the Geometric and Archaic period. Corinthian Aryballos, Geometric jugs with horse shows and artistically decorated bowls. Also jewelry such as necklaces and brooches, buckles and earrings. Archaeological excavations continue in Mooring and museum there is dedicated space, with exhibits from the ancient city – port of Skyros.

Skyros HOUSE The Archaeological Museum of Skyros, a specially designed space which represented the Skyros home, with all functional areas, just as it was years ago. In this area there are all utensils, decorative, embroidery and costumes used in the past, giving you the opportunity to experience the daily life of the old Skyros and its long tradition.